Magical Noni 4 x 750 ml

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Every shipment of noni is freshly picked by hand in Polynesia so that you can have the best quality product!

After the harvest, the fruit is fermented for 5 weeks, then the seeds and the skin are removed to make noni puree. Noni puree is different from the noni nectar that is typically available on the market and is basically the water in which noni fermented in the sun. Magical Noni uses noni puree, the actual fruit.

Following a couple of weeks of sailing in a frozen condition, Magical Noni is prepared by adding other amazing fruits to it and is filled to bottles in a European manufacturing facility. Pasteurization allows us to keep the juice free of preservatives. This gentle procedure of applying less thermal treatments allows the fruit to maintain higher nutrient content.

Every case contains 4 bottles of Magical Noni (4 x 750 ml).
Per 100 ml
  • Energy | 190,3 kJ
  • Calories | 44,8 kcal 
  • Total fat | 0 g
    • saturated fat | 0 g
  • Total carbohydrates | 10,0 g
    • total sugars | 9,0 g
  • Dietary fiber | 0,2 g
  • Protein | 1,1 g

Per serving  (60 ml) 
  • Energy | 114,2 kJ
  • Calories | 26,9 kcal
  • Total fat | 0 g
    • saturated fat | 0 g
  • Total carbohydrates | 5,4 g
    • total sugars | 6,0 g
  • Dietary fiber | 0,12 g
  • Protein | 0,66 g

 Naturally occurring sugars. No added sugar or sweetener. About 12,5 servings per bottle.
Recommended usage: Start by consuming 60 ml daily as part of a balanced diet. Shake well before drinking. Store cooled once opened.